Check out Bookmarking

“Books are made to be marked!” and I use mark in the broadest sense as I laud the importance of marking up books. It is not just that they should be marked upon but they should be noted, and used and evaluated. They should be bench marked. We should be testing how far they can fly and once we have examined the projectile value of books we might crack the cover and examine the educational value and the recreational value and the architectural value of books. Who hasn’t used a good solid book to stop a door or prop up ┬áthe short leg of a table. The “Yellow Pages” were for years my sister’s booster seat and my footstool. There is no limit to the uses of books both intended and abused uses.

Come explore the many valuable roles a book may play in your life and mark up your books, not with profanity, although that too was fun when I was in middle school, but rather with the interactive thoughts of an engaged mind and a growing vocabulary. Who else would encourage you to mark a pericope or determine the meaning of pedantry? No one but a book marker that’s who. If you like marking books and you’re looking for a site that encourages you to do just that then you’ve come to the right posting place.

Disclaimer: we don’t allow people to mark up our site but you can always bookmark us for later reading. Enjoy the somewhat tongue in cheek and always ridiculous posting of this blog. We’re not inviting you to enjoy our writing just mark it up and save it for later. Until next time


-Book Marked Out