Is The E-book Going To Become The Replacement For Paper Books

Since the e-Book has appeared on the market, many people feel that this gadget spells the end of the traditional paper book. This is similar they feel to the way the compact disc arrived and almost totally took the place of the vinyl record; these days vinyl is hardly used by anyone. Even though there are so many compelling reasons why people would feel that this is going to happen, there are still many people convinced that the paper book is going nowhere for the time being.

Why Could The E-book Replace Paper Books
People who are of the opinion that eBooks are going to replace paper books feel that the benefits of using these electronic readers are so great that most people won’t want to buy paper books anymore. It is possible to carry around hundreds of books in that one small device when you have an eBook reader. These devices mean that you can download your favorite books without having to even go to the shop. Another advantage of the eBook reader is that there are enough free books to keep us busy forever.
Reasons Why The E-book Won’t Become The New Paper Book
Other people are far less convinced that the eBook is about to replace paper. They will point to the fact that it just isn’t as pleasurable to read from one of these devices; they can begin to strain your eyes after an hour or two. Book lovers enjoy libraries and get great pleasure from the feel and smell of a book. The paper book is also preferable for taking to places like the beach.

The first advantage with e-books is that every volume is readily available and can be conveniently stored. Reducing big books to mere kilobytes, these e-books can be stored on your flash drive, laptop, desktop or even your smartphone. Searching for your favorite e-book is very simple, and you can read it on the go, in the office, at home, practically anywhere. You can have a personal collection of e-books, that is almost as fast as a library, and read them with the thousands of apps that are now available in the market. Storing and labeling become a cakewalk, and there is no hassle of carrying a book everywhere you go or putting them back in their right place after reading – that is if you are a bookworm and cannot live without a book in your hand.

The whole process is so simple that everyone is into it. This new avatar of the book is a huge hit with the students as storing and transferring the data is very easy. As the source of these digital copies is the internet, you can pre-book your favorite author’s next with just a click and have it delivered to your inbox when it is released. Going by the current trend wherein the digital copies are favored more than its older printed cousin, major publishing companies have now started to release e-book versions of classics. So every printed book now has an e-book copy which is readily available free or with a simple price tag.

There are still many people who prefer traditional paper books no matter how popular eBook readers have become lately. This is not likely to change in the foreseeable future.